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no-std libabort

A abort function that doesn't require the standard library

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libabort Latest Version

An implementation of the abort function that works without the standard library.

Provides an AbortGuard type to abort the process unless explicitly "defused". This can prevent panics from unwinding in the middle of unsafe code, which trivially makes the code exception safe.

Available implementations

The library offers multiple possible implementations, which can be controlled by using feature flags.

  1. Using the Rust standard library std::process::abort function. This is enabled by using the "std" feature (disabled by default).
  2. Using the C standard library abort function from the libc crate. This requires linking against the C standard library, but not the Rust one. This is enabled by using the "libc" feature (disabled by default).
  3. If the panic! implementation is known to abort instead of unwinding, then the abort function simply triggers a panic. This requires a recent version of Rust (1.60) in order to detect whether panics unwind or abort.
  4. If no other implementations are available, then the abort function triggers a double-panic. This always triggers an abort regardless of the rust version or compiler settings.


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