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A library to read the MSN / Windows Live Messenger conversation archives

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0.1.0 Apr 29, 2024

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This library read a file at the given path and try to interpret it as a valid MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger conversation archive.

If it is a valid archive, it returns an iterator to read the various messages contained in the archive.

Archives generated by the Messenger Plus! plugin are supported too.

Usage exemple

This simple example above only prints the textual content, unformatted:

    use lib_messenger_archive::{Parser, Data};
    let file = "test/alice1234.xml";
    let mut parser = Parser::new(file).expect("unable to read the archive");
    println!("Messages in archive \"{}\":\n---", file);
    while let Some(message) = parser.next() {
        if let Ok(msg) = message {
            let msg_txts: Vec<&str> = msg.data
                .filter_map(|d| match d {
                    Data::Text(txt) => Some(txt.content.as_str()),
                    _ => None,
            println!("{}: {}", msg.sender_friendly_name, msg_txts.join(""));
    let details = parser.details().unwrap();
    println!("---\nThose messages were exchanged with: {}", details.recipient_id);


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