Cargo Features

lib-gst-meet = { version = "0.8.0", default-features = false, features = ["log-rtp", "syntax-highlighting", "tls-insecure", "tls-native", "tls-native-vendored", "tls-rustls-native-roots", "tls-rustls-webpki-roots", "tracing-subscriber"] }
default = tls-rustls-native-roots

Ideally we would enable rustls/dangerous_configuration only when tls-insecure is enabled, but until weak-dep-features is stabilised, that would cause rustls to always be pulled in.

log-rtp = rtcp

Affects conference::JitsiConferenceConfig.log_rtp, conference::JitsiConferenceConfig.log_rtcp

syntax-highlighting = syntect
tls-native = native-tls

Enables native-tls of tokio-tungstenite ^0.19


Enables vendored of native-tls, native-tls-vendored of tokio-tungstenite ^0.19

tls-rustls-native-roots default = rustls, rustls-native-certs

Enables dangerous_configuration of rustls ^0.21, rustls-tls-native-roots of tokio-tungstenite ^0.19

tls-rustls-webpki-roots = rustls, webpki-roots

Enables dangerous_configuration of rustls ^0.21, rustls-tls-webpki-roots of tokio-tungstenite ^0.19

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

native-tls tls-native? tls-native-vendored?
rtcp log-rtp?

Enables rtcp ^0.8

rustls tls-rustls-native-roots tls-rustls-webpki-roots?

Enables rustls ^0.21

rustls-native-certs tls-rustls-native-roots

Enables rustls-native-certs ^0.6

syntect syntax-highlighting?
tracing-subscriber implicit feature

Enables tracing-subscriber


Utilities for implementing and composing tracing subscribers

Affects lib-gst-meet::init_tracing

webpki-roots tls-rustls-webpki-roots?

Enables webpki-roots ^0.23