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Mesh Native Runtime Security 🎉

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🔍 How can I observe and secure sensitive data travelling across the Service Mesh data plane without impacting performance? 🤷

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LeakSignal installation and reference documents are available at leaksignal.com.

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LeakSignal provides observability metrics and redaction capabilities for sensitive data contained within service mesh protocols. LeakSignal metrics can be consumed by Prometheus, pushed as OpenTelemetry, or collected in a centralized dashboard - giving MeshSecOps engineers (Incident Repsponse, SRE, DevOps, Platform Eng., SOC etc) a new security tool to help combat API exploits, unknown misconfigurations and sensitive data leakage.


  • Fast, inline Layer 7 request/response analysis.
  • Easy to configure rules ("L7 policy") for detecting and analyzing sensitive data (e.g. PII) leakage.
    • Detect PII, part numbers, account numbers, patient info, grades, dates, email addresses, large arrays, etc. You can write your own matcher or use our constantly evolving ruleset library (contributions welcome).
  • Cloud dashboard with policy editor, monitoring, and alerting.
  • Analysis metrics can be exposed via Envoy and thus reflected wherever Envoy metrics are configured to land (OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, etc.)

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