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Ldap3 Server (Protocol Bindings)

This is a work-in-progress of LDAP3 server and client capable protocol bindings.

This is not an LDAP3 server - it is the required parts to allow you to build one using a TCP server. You will and should develop your own server state machine, and should consider the many security risks of LDAP3 such as filter stack limits, request sizelimits, number of entries limited in results, binds and how you check access controls, and more.


This library contains all the needed protocol bindings, mapped to their BER structures in proto, as well as a set of simple wrappers of common operations required for a server, discarding many of the esoteric options that are generally not required.


There is an example hardcoded server using Actix in examples


name from rfc implemented?
bind rfc4511 ✅ (only simple bind)
unbind rfc4511
search rfc4511
filter rfc4511 🔨 (excluding sub, ge, le, aprx, ext)
modify rfc4511
add rfc4511
delete rfc4511
modRDN rfc4511
compare rfc4511
abandon rfc4511
extended rfc4511 ✅ (may need changes)
whoami rfc4532
disconnection notice rfc4511

Things we probably won't add

StartTLS has a number of security issues compared to LDAPS, and should not be used, or developed as it is not only more complex, but also worse than LDAPS. Use LDAPS.

SASL is extremely complicated, and there are very few clients that require it over simple bind. It's not really worth the time to add it. If it is contributed, I will only accept SASL as an authentication mechanism - I won't accept the SASL transport encryption layer, as it's just too complicated. Again, use LDAPS.


LDAP - the trashfire we have, not the trashfire we want.


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