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app lcov-diff-util

Command line tool to make delta of 2 lcov files

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Lcov Diff


  • Rust, install rustup, see
  • Cargo
  • genhtml(install lcov via apt)


git clone <repo>
cd lcov-diff
cargo build --release

See target/release If you would like to build debug version, just run: cargo build

To run tests:

cargo test --all

To install (to $HOME/.cargo/bin):

cargo install --path .

See cargo docs

Tool to diff lcov files

    lcov-diff [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <FILE1> <FILE2>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -v, --verbose    Show Debug logging

    -o, --output <PATH>    output file to write (stdout if not presented)
    -w, --web <web>        Generate html report from output file (default name web)

    <FILE1> <FILE2>    Files to process, right now just two of them

The output file contains the only lines/functions/basic blocks which are presented only in the first lcov file. To generate html report for the diff use genhtml tool, see.

lcov-diff first.info second.info -o out.info
genhtml --ignore-errors source -o web out.info

Or just run with -w/--web option to generate it automatically after getting diff file (if output is not set a tmp file will be used for it). The default output directory name is web. Also, it gets into panic if genhtml could not be invoked.

lcov-diff first.info second.info -w LCOV_HTML_DIR -o out.info


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