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Just another super-simple Pig Latin translator

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Just another super-typical Pig Latin translator...you already know what to expect 😂


A pretty simple bare-bones Pig Latin translator...that's literally it.

Pig Latin is a fun little "language" of sorts, where the meaning of words are obsufcated through bleeding-edge encryption techniques, rendering the sentence intelligible to the untrained eye.

But you wouldn't dare do that by hand, would you?

Getting Started


  • Install the Rustup toolchain for your system.


  • Add Cargo's binary directory to your path environment variables.
    The rustup installer should do this for you, but if not, it should be located at ~/.cargo/bin (Linux) or %USERPROFILE\.cargo\bin (Windows).
  • Simply run cargo install latinify at a terminal and it'll be installed from crates.io.

Executing program

  • Type latinify at a prompt
$ latinify
Welcome to latinify! Type a sentence and press Return/Enter to get started...
> _
  • You can then simply type the sentence you want to be translated, and hit the Return/Enter key on your keyboard to translate it.
> Hello, World! It's a beautiful day today...
Ellohay, Orldway! Ithay'say ahay beautifulay dayay todayay...

> _

Typing :exit will quit the interpreter.

Building from source

  • Clone this repository
$ git clone https://github.com/poopsicles/latinify
  • Switch to the newly created directory
$ cd ./latinify
  • Compile using cargo
$ cargo build
  • Cargo will grab the required dependencies and create the binary at ./target/debug/latinify

Version History

  • 1.0
    • Initial release


This project is licensed under the MIT License, more details here.


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