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Naive rust crate for implementing and testing maze solving Algorithms

5 unstable releases

Uses new Rust 2021

0.3.0 May 30, 2022
0.2.1 May 29, 2022
0.2.0 May 29, 2022
0.1.1 May 29, 2022
0.1.0 May 29, 2022

Used in labirust-cli

MIT license

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Labyrinths, in Rust.


Naive rust crate for implementing and testing maze solving Algorithms.


Hi, I am a junior rust dev (yes, how original, I know) and this is one of the small projects I do to learn the language and feel its system or learn its good practices.


If you want to see what the library is capable of, you can try the CLI, either by clonning this repo and building it with cargo or by installing it through the crates.io depot.

# installation
cargo install labirust-cli

# usage
labirust-cli --help

If you want to implement more resolution algorithm yourself and for some reason you think this is the right crate to provide frameworks, you can explore the crate documentation and add this crate to your project dependencies.

# in Cargo.toml
labirust = "0.3"



This crate is a small and naive implementation of several [Algorithm]s resolving [Maze]s.

  • It exposes the [Algorithm] trait encapsulating the behavior of such an algorithm.
  • It also provides structures to generate [Maze] ([generate]) and execute said algorithms on them ([Executor]).