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Detect, highlight and pretty print almost any structured data inside plain text

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kras - Detect, highlight and pretty print structured data

This tool can find structured data of any kind inside of plain string, parse it and pretty-print it:

It can detect and parse almost any kind of data:

and probably many more. Don't hesitate to open an issue if your data wasn't processed correctly


    kras [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [input]...

        --debug          debug mode
    -C, --force-color    alias for --color yes
    -h, --help           Prints help information
    -m, --multiline      look for data spanning several lines. This will read whole input to memory
    -r, --recursive      try to parse nested strings
        --robust         use more robust, but slower method to detect structured data
    -s, --sort           sort keys
    -V, --version        Prints version information

    -c, --color <color>      colorize output [default: auto]  [possible values: yes, no, auto]
    -i, --indent <indent>    indentation. 0 to disable (colorization is stil performed) [default: 2]
    -j <jobs>                number of parallel jobs. Default is num_cpus
    -w, --width <width>      maximum width of output [default: 80]

    <input>...    Input files or stdin

Using with pgcli

kras really shines when used for reading jsons stored in database. For pgcli add to your .config/pgcli/config

pager = kras -Csw120 | less -iRXF

Now your jsons will be pretty-printed! Hint: use \x


This tool is powered by these amazing libs: pom for parsing and pretty for pretty-printing


The name kras comes from russian root крас- - a beginning of words such as красивый (pretty), красный (red) and красить (to paint). That's what this app does: makes data pretty and paints it red (but not only red)


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