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A Kinetic protocol library written in Rust

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.0.16 Apr 21, 2015
0.0.13 Nov 28, 2014
0.0.7 Nov 23, 2014

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A Kinetic protocol library written in Rust.

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Getting Started

Installing Rust

If you don't have Rust yet the quicket way to get the current nightly build is to run:

curl -s https://static.rust-lang.org/rustup.sh | sudo sh -s -- --channel=nightly

If you want other installation options, visit the official install guide.

Adding the Kinetic-rust dependency

If you are using Cargo and want to use the latest stable Kinetic-rust crate available at crates.io add this to your Cargo.toml:


To get the dependency to be linked directly to the GitHub repo then add this instead:

    git = "https://github.com/icorderi/kinetic-rust.git"

Note: For more information on handling dependencies check the official cargo site.

Importing Kinetic-rust

To import Kinetic-rust from your code add this statement:

extern crate kinetic; // depend on the kinetic-rust library

[Optional] Installing Kinetic-rust from source

git clone https://github.com/icorderi/kinetic-rust.git
cd kinetic-rust
cargo build --release

Note: The --release flag will compile the code with the optimizations turned on.

Additionally you can run the tests or compile the documentation locally:

cargo test
cargo doc

The local HTML documentation will be available at ./target/doc/kinetic/index.html.

Note: Some tests will require you to have a Kinetic device available. You can use the simulator if you don't have real devices.


If you need help don't forget to checkout the online documentation for the library.


Get involved with the issues or submit a PR.


This project is licensed under The MIT License (MIT)


~180K SLoC