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A small utility for loading game keys in/out of a PostgreSQL database

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kiistor (/ˈkiːstɔr/, KEE-stor) is a small utility written in Rust designed to facilitate the loading of game keys in and out of a PostgreSQL database. It provides a simple command-line interface for managing them.

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  • Addition and Retrieval: Allows adding new game keys to the database and retrieving existing keys.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Provides a user-friendly command-line interface for interacting with the utility.


  • Adding keys via the CLI
  • Showing a list of all keys
  • Compatibility with other databases
  • Encryption
  • Key access control


Grab the latest release for your platform from the releases page




  • Get keys by title:

    kiistor get --title <title> --count <count>
  • Load keys from a file:

    kiistor load --file <file_path> --title <title>

    In this example, it is assumed that game keys are newline delimited (\n)

  • List all keys in the database:

    kiistor list
  • Perform database migrations:

    kiistor migrate

    You only need to run migrations if you're installing kiistor for the first time or you are upgrading to a new version of kiistor.


Contributions are welcome! If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports, please create an issue or submit a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

Disclaimer: This utility is provided as-is without any warranties. Use it at your own risk.


~457K SLoC