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Convert tool for Japanese.

This is a porting from jaconv(python) written in Rust.


  • Convert characters between full-width and half-width
    • From full-width to half-width
    • From half-width to full-width
  • Convert characters between hiragana and katakana
    • From hiragana to katakana
    • From katakana to hiragana


Add kelp as a dependency in your Cargo.toml

kelp = "0.4"

Quick Example

First, you should build ConvOption.

ConvOption has flags of conversion method.

After building ConvOption, you can convert characters with functions of kelp.

extern crate kelp;

use kelp::*;
use kelp::conv_option::ConvOption;

fn main() {
    // All flags are disabled in default
    let option = ConvOption::build()
        .enable_ascii() // Convert ascii
        .enable_digit() // Convert digit
        .enable_kana()  // Convert kana
        .finalize();    // Returns ConvOption with specified flags

    // From hiragana to katakana(full-width)
    println!("{}", hira2kata("あいうえお", option)); // アイウエオ

    // From hiragana to katakana(half-width)
    println!("{}", hira2hkata("あいうえお", option)); // アイウエオ

    // From katakana(full-width) to hiragana
    println!("{}", kata2hira("アイウエオ", option)); // あいうえお

    // From half-width to full-width
    println!("{}", h2z("abc123アイウ", option)); // ABC123アイウ

    // From full-width to half-width
    println!("{}", z2h("ABC123アイウ", option)); // ABC123アイウ


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