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codecov kassandra build

This project aims to provide utilities to help testing applications that uses cassandra as a primary database.

List of supported features:

  • scylla driver support
  • java cassandra driver support
  • datastax cassandra driver support
  • cqlsh driver
  • jdbc driver
  • same aliases support (select name as another name)
  • json support ('select json *, select toJson(name) as smth`)
  • basic queries support (create, insert/upsert, update, delete)
  • batch queries support
  • UDTs
  • prepared queries support (prepare, execute, batch)
  • proper system tables
  • correct paging support

Kassandra Node

nix release

In-memory, single node database implementation that supports cql v4 protocol.

Kassandra Tester


Provides a temporary unique socket address to connect to and run unit test. After test is completed, returns a Kassandra instance, which then can be used for snapshot testing.


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