Uses old Rust 2015

0.2.1 Aug 21, 2017
0.2.0 Aug 21, 2017
0.1.1 Aug 5, 2017
0.1.0 Aug 5, 2017

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Kanshi uses a configuration file and a list of available displays to choose the right settings for each display. It's useful if your window manager doesn't support multiple display configurations (e.g. i3/Sway).

For now, it only supports:

  • sysfs as backend
  • Configuration file
    • GNOME (~/.config/monitors.xml)
    • Kanshi (see below)
  • Sway as frontend


cargo install kanshi
touch ~/.config/kanshi/config
kanshi > ~/.config/sway/outputs

Configuration file

Each monitor configuration is delimited by brackets. Each line has the same syntax as sway(5).

	output LVDS-1 disable
	output VGA-1 resolution 1600x900 position 0,0

	output LVDS-1 vendor CMN product 0x1484 serial 0x0 resolution 1600x900 scale 2




~25K SLoC