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Welcome to the Fluvio project!

Fluvio is a cloud-native platform for data-in-motion, built from the ground up to run on Kubernetes.
It brings centralized control to connect, transform, and distribute real-time data across the organization.

The repository contains all the code necessary to run the Fluvio platform: Services, APIs, and the CLI.


  • Declarative Management - A unique approach to data management, you specify intent and fluvio does the rest.
  • Cloud Native - Built for Kubernetes.
  • Real-time architecture - Fully asynchronous by design, suitable for low latency and high throughput environments.
  • Flexible Deployments - Controller can manage Cloud and on-Premise services simultaneously.
  • Powerful CLI - User-friendly and easy to use Command Line Interface.
  • Written in Rust - Safe, Fast, Small Footprint - built for high performance distributed systems.
    • Goodbye garbage collection!
  • Compatible with Kafka - Works with Kafka client and server APIs.
    • Fluvio CLI to manage Kafka topics, as well as produce and consume Kafka logs.

Release Status

Fluvio is at Alpha and should be suitable for lab environment. APIs, Schema, CLI, and Services are continually evolving and subject to change before R1.


Full, comprehensive documentation is viewable on the Fluvio website:


For Developers

To learn about the Fluvio Architecture and contribute to Fluvio project, please visit the Developer section.


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