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Jupiter is a library for providing high-throughput ultra low latency services via the RESP protocol as defined by Redis

0.0.2 Oct 2, 2020
0.0.1 Oct 2, 2020

MIT license



JUPITER is a framework for wrapping compute or memory intense components to provide them as high throughput and ultra low latency services to applications built on managed runtimes like node.js, Java, Ruby.

These managed are great for building sophisticated web applications but have limited capabilities when raw compute power or optimized memory utilization is required. This on the other hand is an area where Rust shines, as it permits to write low-level and highly optimized code which is still safe to run.

Therefore all we need is a simple an efficient way of combining the best of both worlds. To minimize the overhead of communication, we use the RESP Protocol as defined by Redis. In contrast to HTTP this is way simpler to parse and handle while also supporting zero-copy operations. Another benefit is, that for nearly every platform there is already a Redis/RESP client available.

Deployment-wise we heavily settle on Docker, therefore we simply log to stdout and use SIGHUP to detect a shutdown request.

Welcome to JUPITER which bundles the Welcome to the kernel module of the SIRIUS OpenSource framework created by scireum GmbH. To learn more about what SIRIUS is please refer to the following links:


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