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What is it

Jsonnet is a data templating language

This Rust crate implements both jsonnet library and an alternative jsonnet executable based on it. For more information see bindings,Bindings.



jrsonnet is packaged in nixpkgs and maintained by @CertainLach


nix-env -iA nixpkgs.jrsonnet


jrsonnet is packaged to brew and maintained by @messense


brew install jrsonnet

Windows/other linux distributions

You can get latest build of jrsonnet in releases.

Build from sources

jrsonnet should build on latest stable Rust version (probably on the oldest, but there is no MSRV policy provided)

Debug build will work too, but it is much slower than release


cargo build --release


There already are multiple implementations of this standard implemented in different languages:

This implementation shows performance better than all existing implementations. For more information see link:./docs/benchmarks.md[benchmarks]

Also, I wanted to experiment on new syntax features, and jrsonnet implements some of them. For more information see link:./docs/features.adoc[features]

In the end, it's always fun to implement something in Rust.

Bindings [[bindings]]


alt=crates.io, link=https://crates.io/crates/jrsonnet-evaluator alt=docs.rs, link=https://docs.rs/jrsonnet-evaluator

Jrsonnet is written in rust itself, so just add it as dependency


alt=crates.io, link=https://pypi.org/project/rjsonnet/

Bindings are created and maintained by @messense


Jrsonnet provides a standard libjsonnet.so shared library and should work as drop-in replacement for it


WASM bingings are also available, Java bindings (Both JNI and WASM compiled to .class) are in progress

See link:./bindings/[bindings] for more information.


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