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app jogger

A TUI time logging tool for jira

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0.2.0 Jul 12, 2023
0.1.4 Apr 21, 2023
0.1.1 Mar 16, 2023

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Jogger 🏃🏼‍♀️

An nCurses based application for logging time to Jira tickets. Because time logging has far too much friction and I get in far too much trouble for not doing it. Jogger


This package relies on ncurses and therefore probably only works on Windows under WSL.


sudo apt install -y build-essential pkg-config libssl-dev libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev
cargo install jogger

First Time Setup

The first time you use this app you will be requred to set four parameters.

  • Your Name (Optional)
  • Your personal distraction ticket
    • Not every organisation uses this, ignore it if it doesn't apply to you
  • Your Personal Access Token from Jira
    • This can be found in Profile > Personal Access Token
  • Jira URL
    • This is the base URL you use when visiting JIRA
    • ie. https://jira.company.com/

Once saved, these parameters will be stored for future usage.


  • Being able to customise the Category and Actions presented on the logging screen
  • Being able to set a custom date
  • Remove Category and Action from the logging screen
  • Make it look less like ****
  • Distributed binaries



~378K SLoC