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Arch Linux installer... with YAML files

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0.10.0 Apr 5, 2022
0.9.0 Mar 14, 2022

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An Arch installer with a funny name.

Buuuut it's not interactive: it takes a YAML file as input, checks if it's valid, and generates a Shell script.

What it can do:

  • print a template YAML file that you can then edit and feed it
  • partition disks (this includes creating the partitions, formatting, mounting them, and creating the fstab file)
  • install the packages you tell it to
  • set timezone and generate locales
  • set up NetworkManager
  • prompt you for a root password
  • install and configure GRUB or EFISTUB
  • create users (usernames, groups, etc.). Note that the wheel group is always capable of using sudo.
  • set a default shell for a user

What it can't do:

  • connect to the internet (you must do that youself)
  • set up mirrors and gpg keys (you must also do that)
  • set up graphical environments

Getting started


  • cargo, rust's package manager


Install from crates.io directly:

cargo install jimmy



jimmy [-f | --file | -s | --sample] [<ARGS>]

jimmy will then proceed to generate a shell script and print it to stdout, warning you of missing properties, and error if some vital ones (such as hostname) aren't specified. It's up to you to redirect the output to a file and execute it with a shell.

Here's an example using concrete commands:

jimmy --sample >input.yaml
vim input.yaml
jimmy --file input.yaml >script.sh
chmod +x script.sh

WARNING: Do NOT run it, except in an Arch live system! You can lose data!


  • provide example YAML file
  • parse YAML file (with serde)
  • check if the input file is valid
    • error if e.g. username isn't specified
    • panic if zoneinfo isn't valid
  • prepare installation
    • update system clock
    • partitions
      • create with fdisk
      • format
      • mount filesystems
    • install all specified packages
  • configure the system
    • generate an fstab file
    • set timezone
    • set locales
    • configure network
    • configure users
    • set root's password
    • configure bootloader
      • GRUB
      • efistub
  • generate template YAML file on the spot
  • print status messages while installing


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


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