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A crate which provides a Jid struct for Jabber IDs

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What's this?

A crate which provides a struct Jid for Jabber IDs. It's used in xmpp-rs but other XMPP libraries can of course use this.

What license is it under?

MPL-2.0 or later, see the LICENSE file.


This library does not yet implement RFC7622.


Represents XMPP addresses, also known as JabberIDs (JIDs) for the XMPP protocol. A [Jid] can have between one and three parts in the form node@domain/resource:

  • the (optional) node part designates a specific account/service on a server, for example username@server.com
  • the domain part designates a server, for example irc.jabberfr.org
  • the (optional) resource part designates a more specific client, such as a participant in a groupchat (jabberfr@chat.jabberfr.org/user) or a specific client device associated with an account (user@example.com/dino)

The [Jid] enum can be one of two variants, containing a more specific type:

  • BareJid (Jid::Bare variant): a JID without a resource
  • FullJid (Jid::Full variant): a JID with a resource

Jids as per the XMPP protocol only ever contain valid UTF-8. However, creating any form of Jid can fail in one of the following cases:

  • wrong syntax: creating a Jid with an empty (yet declared) node or resource part, such as @example.com or user@example.com/
  • stringprep error: some characters were invalid according to the stringprep algorithm, such as mixing left-to-write and right-to-left characters


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