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Rust Crates.io

A log reader for structured logs that handles non-json lines, displays beautifully colored logs and can filter based on the fields of the json.

  • non-json lines will be displayed but marked clearly
  • filters work for any fields, even fields that are not recognized
  • if the structure of the JSON is not recognized, all the field will be shown on the log line
  • there is no way to control which fields are displayed
  • there is no way to control the formatting

It will work especially well with certain specific JSON structures (see "Supported formats").


Using cargo install

cargo install jaslog

Using pre-built binaries

  1. Download the binary from the latest release
  2. Put it in the folder that's part of your PATH
  3. Make it executable (chmod +x)


Basic usage:

$ jaslog file.json.log

Or using stdin:

$ cat file.json.log | jaslog

CLI parameters

    jaslog [OPTIONS] [--] [input_file]

    <input_file>    Input file to read

    -f, --filter <filters>           Filter the logs. Example:  -f app=this -f module=+Drive (use
                                     '+' to search within the field, use '^' to exclude within the
    -h, --help                       Print help information
    -n, --lines <number_of_lines>    Number of lines to read.
    -V, --version                    Print version information

To filter, the syntax is:

  • <field>=<value>: search for exact value of field
  • <field>=+<value>: search for value in field (suggestions of a better syntax are welcome :-P)
  • <field>=^<value>: search for absence of value in field (suggestions of a better syntax are welcome :-P)
$ jaslog file.json.log -f level=info

You can also can also ask to read only the first n lines:

$ jaslog file.json.log -f level=info -n 50

Explicitly supported formats

Pull requests to support new formats are welcome of course !

Elixir logs:

  "app": "ecto_sql",
  "level": "info",
  "message": "create index etc...",
  "metadata": {},
  "module": "Elixir.Ecto.Migration.Runner",
  "pid": "#PID<0.280.0>",
  "timestamp": "2019-12-18T10:55:50.000393"

Logstash's jsonevent-layout logs:

  "@timestamp": "2020-01-13T12:34:01.740Z",
  "source_host": "04fc4fd30dc3",
  "file": "Dispatcher.java",
  "method": "tryAcceptLeadershipAndRunJobs",
  "level": "DEBUG",
  "line_number": "927",
  "thread_name": "flink-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-3",
  "@version": 1,
  "logger_name": "org.apache.flink.runtime.dispatcher.StandaloneDispatcher",
  "message": "Dispatcher akka.tcp://flink@04fc4fd30dc3:6123/user/dispatcher accepted leadership with fencing token 00000000000000000000000000000000. Start recovered jobs.",
  "class": "org.apache.flink.runtime.dispatcher.Dispatcher",
  "mdc": {}

Log4J's JSONLayout logs:

  "thread": "main",
  "level": "INFO",
  "loggerName": "org.apache.flink.runtime.dispatcher.DispatcherRestEndpoint",
  "message": "Starting rest endpoint.",
  "endOfBatch": false,
  "loggerFqcn": "org.apache.logging.slf4j.Log4jLogger",
  "instant": {
    "epochSecond": 1622724607,
    "nanoOfSecond": 420000000
  "threadId": 1,
  "threadPriority": 5


  • Update version in Cargo.toml
  • Commit
  • tag with v<version>, then push
  • run cargo publish


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