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Provides command-line access to several useful Rust iterator and string methods

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itrs (it)

itrs is a simple command line tool that provides command-line access to some useful Rust iterator and string methods. These may be more memorable subtitute for some quick awk commands or common command-line idioms like sort | uniq. itrs provides a single executable that can access the various subcommands by name.


Installation requires cargo

cargo install itrs


After installation you should have a binary called it avaliable. This can be used to access the subcommands. For example, triming the leading and trailing whitespace from a file called input.txt and write the output to the stdout.

it trim input.txt

This could also be acomplished using awk with something like:

awk '{$1=$1;print}' input.txt

However using the it trim command may be more memorable, and is more performant in most cases.

A common idiom in shell scripts is sort | uniq for getting only the unique lines of an input. This can be replaced by the it unique command, which works even on unsorted data. Under the hood this uses the Rust itertools library's unique method on iterators. This command can also be accessed with the alias it uniq (many of the subcommands have useful aliases).

More subcommands, their aliases, and their descriptions can be shown with it help


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