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CLI Tool for Easy IP Information Fetching

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CLI Tool for easy IP information fetching.

Credit to https://github.com/trakBan/ipfetch for the original idea.

This Rust implementation aims to provide stability and extra features, if you are interested in using the underlying Rust IP API library see https://github.com/mark-ruddy/seeip.



Install the binary using cargo: cargo install ipfetch


Clone the source code from github and compile yourself:

git clone https://github.com/mark-ruddy/ipfetch
cd ipfetch && cargo build --release
sudo mv target/release/ipfetch /usr/local/bin


Run ipfetch --help to see available flags.

Get info on your own IP:

ipfetch --my-ip

Some systems can have both an IPv4 and an IPv6 assigned, to specifically check both:

ipfetch --my-ipv4 --my-ipv6

Get info on an IP:

ipfetch --ip

Get info on multiple IPs, IPv6 is supported:

ipfetch --ip --ip 2620:0:ccc::2

Print IP info to terminal for the Google and Cloudflare DNS servers, and save this info to a file:

ipfetch --ip --ip --output dns-servers-info

Combine the flags to produce a report on your IPv6 and others in one command:

ipfetch --my-ipv6 --ip -ip --output ip-info-data


Any and all contributions are appreciated - completely new features, bug fixes etc. Ensure your code is formatted with rustfmt.


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