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A simple but powerful wrapper for the ip-api API.


In the example below we use tokio to convert our async main function into a sync one.
Tokio itself is not needed when using this crate.

use ip_api4rs::IpApiClient;

async fn main() {
	let client = IpApiClient::new();
	let response = client.query_api_default("").await.unwrap();
	println!("{:#?}", response);


  • fully async api (or blocking with the blocking feature)
  • simple to use
  • supply custom structs to only get want you want
  • Api-Token support
  • SSL support

Features that won't be added

**This doesn't mean that we would not implement features listed here.**
We just won't implement them ourselves.
Feel free to open a pull request if you want to add more features.

  • Batch requests
  • non Json responses
  • DNS Api support


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