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IODD Engine

This repository houses the implementation of an IoDD Engine, featuring a parser command-line interface (CLI) and a catalog system. The IoDD Engine is designed to facilitate seamless interaction and management of digital devices within interconnected networks.

It also has a implementation of a Client for IFM IoTCore.

The parser CLI offers a user-friendly interface for executing commands and queries, enabling efficient communication with the IoDD Engine. This Engine only targets Version 1.1 of IODD.

IODD Specs

Catalog: - Store Information about VendorId, DeviceId and Productname and the correspoding IODD Zip File.

Engine: - allows to parse PDIn and settings of variables. ObserverMenu and ParameterMenu are implemented.

- allows cli based interactions with IODD Sensor

IoTCoreConnect: - Client for interaction with IFM IotCore

This Code is licensed under Apache 2.0.

Additional needed files Standard Definitions manually in place it into /data/specs.

Please see CLI for further information how to work with Library. This library was tested with serveral io-link devices.

example output

Vendor: 310, ProductName:SD1540, Device:872 HexData: 0000000000000000FE00079EFE0000000300
Name: Totalisator, Desc: Durchflussmenge. Der Wert entspricht der aktuellen Verbrauchsmenge seit dem letzten Reset, Value: 0.0, Unit: m³
Name: Durchfluss, Desc: Aktueller Durchfluss, Value: 0.0, Unit: m³/h
Name: Temperatur, Desc: Aktuelle Temperatur, Value: 19.5, Unit: °C
Name: Druck, Desc: Aktueller Druck, Value: 0.0, Unit: bar
Name: Gerätestatus, Desc: Aktueller Gerätestatus, eine Kopie des Parameters [Gerätestatus, Index 36] im Prozessdatenkanal, Value: 0.0
Name: OUT2, Desc: Aktueller Zustand des digitalen Signals [OUT2], Value: "OFF"
Name: OUT1, Desc: Aktueller Zustand des digitalen Signals [OUT1], Value: "OFF"

CLI examples

Read Current values from Device

ioddcli eval --ip --port 1

Read Device variable by index

ioddcli read-parameter 2 551 0

List all Variables

ioddcli list-variable --vendorid 310 --deviceid 706 --productname TN2405 --accessrights rw

Show variable by Name (id)

ioddcli variable --vendorid 310 --deviceid 706 --productname TN2405 --id V_diS

Read Parameter from IO DEVICE

cli read-parameter --ip --port 2 --index 551 --subindex 0

Encode Variable

ioddcli encode-variable --vendorid 310 --deviceid 706 --productname TN2405 --id V_diS --param false, true, 4

Set - Parameter

cargo run set-parameter --ip --port 2 --index 552 --subindex 0 --hexdata 4400

Convert RawValues to Hex

ioddcli encode-variable --vendorid 310 --deviceid 706 --productname TN2405 --id V_uni --param "0" or ioddcli encode-variable --vendorid 310 --deviceid 706 --productname TN2405 --id V_diS --param "true, false, 4"

Read Menus

cargo run get-menu --vendorid 310 --deviceid 706 --productname TN2405 --role observer --menu parameter


    let catalog = Catalog::new_with_db(None);
    let (drivername,files) = catalog.queryfordriver(*deviceid, productname.to_owned(), *vendorid).await;
    let p = Parser::new(drivername, files);
    let e = Engine::new(&p.iodevice, super::super::LANGLOCALE);
    println!("HexData: {}", hex_data);
    let datapoints = match e.parse(hex_data){
        Ok(x) => x,
        Err(err) => {panic!("Error: {:?}", err)}
    for h in entries {
            "Name: {}, Desc: {}, Value: {}{}",
            if !h.unit.is_empty() {
                format!(", Unit: {}", h.unit)
            } else {
                String::new() // Empty string if unit is empty


  • Read Variables from Device before printing PDIN eg. Device could be set to Fahrenheit instead of Celsisus
  • Do CRC32 Check - if possible
  • Update Github Actions
  • Some more Documentation
  • Adding more Encoder DataTypes

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