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Convert structs into/from tuples - recursive, ignore fields, distinct traits

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Convert structs into/from tuples

🐠 add intuple to the dependencies in the Cargo.toml:

intuple = "0.1.0"

🦀 use/import everything into rust:

use intuple::*;

🦚 multiple possibilities to convert - combine as you wish - whatever fits your use case:

struct Struct {a:u32, b:u32, c:u32}

fn main(){
    // use std traits
        let strct: Struct = (3,2,1).into();
        let tuple = <(u32, u32, u32)>::from(strct);
        // OR
        let strct = Struct::from((3,2,1));
        let tuple: (u32, u32, u32) = strct.into();
    // OR intuple traits
        let strct: Struct = (3,2,1).into_struct();
        let tuple = StructIntuple::from_struct(strct);
        // OR
        let strct = Struct::from_tuple((3,2,1));
        let tuple = strct.into_tuple();

Tuple Type

🦊 access the resulting tuple type of a struct easily:

struct Nice {a:u32, b:u32, c:u32}
fn main(){
    // easiest: through {StructName}Intuple
    let tup: NiceIntuple = (3,2,1);
    // is ALWAYS equal to
    let tup: <Nice as IntupleStruct>::Intuple = (3,2,1);
    // is IN THIS CASE equal to
    let tup: (u32, u32, u32) = (3,2,1);


🦥 ignore specific fields with #[igno]
🐼 ignored fields need/use Default while converting to a struct

struct Struct {a:u32, #[igno] b:u32, c:u32}
fn main(){
    let strct = Struct::from((2,1));     
    // => {a:2, b:0, c:1}  
    let tuple: (u32, u32) = strct.into();
    // => (2, 1)


🦊 convert recursively with #[recursive] or #[rcsv]
🐼 recursive fields need to derive Intuple

struct Struct {a:u32, b:u32, c:u32}
struct Recursive {a:u32, #[recursive] b:Struct, c:u32}
fn main(){
    let rcsv: Recursive = (9,(3,2,1),8).into(); 
    // => Recursive{a:9, b:Struct{a:3,b:2,c:1}, c:8}
    let tuple: RecursiveIntuple = rcsv.into(); 
    // => (9,(3,2,1),8)

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