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Modular scripting solution for Rust

The Book

Here is Intuicio Bible - book explaining what Intuicio is, how it works and how to use it: https://psichix.github.io/Intuicio/

Important note ⚠

This is highly experimental ecosystem that will evolve in time!

Important things missing in curent version that will get eventually addressed:

  • Proper informative errors. For the sake of quick iteration there is plenty of .unwrap() and panics. Only places that were frequently reporting errors, these have got more proper human-readable error reporting.
  • Performance. At this point the bare bone host scripting layer is as fast as it can be (it competes with other scripting solutions in speed of execution), but the VM layer makes running scripts slower, which will be improved in the future either by completely rewriting its internals to reduce overhead, changing direction completely, or by iteratively improving the most costly bits of it.
  • Documentation. This is shameful but this ecosystem being at very experimental phase is a good enough excuse to approach where we document only bits that are gonna be stabilized enough to make sure not being changed - writing informative documentation takes twice as producing this piece of software.


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