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Container handling in Rust

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Container handling in Rust.


The goal is to implement functionality that can be used to handle Containers in Rust. More concretely -

  1. Functionality to handle Container Images (Docker and OCI)
  2. OCI Compliant Container Runtime
  3. CRI Server, so this can run on a kubelet.
  4. Tools/Utils that can be used directly.

The Goal is to make something that tools like skopeo, podman and runc achieve but implemented in Rust.


This is not even a v0.1.0 yet, some functionality to 'inspect' docker images along the lines of skopeo inspect is present so far and a few test cases.

Getting Started

Right now, one can inspect and pull an Image.

To get started, one can try to run the following commands and check their output.

  1. Inspect an Image

$ cargo build

# Run `image inspect` command
# Add -d for debug -dd for trace log levels
$ ./target/debug/intmod image inspect docker://fedora --config
  1. Pull an Image

$ cargo build

# Run `image pull` command
# Add -d for debug -dd for trace log levels
$ ./target/debug/intmod image pull docker://fedora

To run the unit tests, run cargo test.


The broad plan to implement the following -

  1. Image Inspect and Image Pull (So that a rootfs can be created.)
  2. Basic Runtime support that will utilize above rootfs to bring up a container.
  3. Add features like cgroup, seccomp etc.
  4. Runtime with support for VMs (Using rust-vmm).
  5. Front-end CRI server and other machinery needed (like CNI support etc.) to make it run with crictl.


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