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cleans up ing.com.au transactions for YNAB

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ing2ynab(1) cleans up ing.com.au transactions for YNAB.

cargo install ing2ynab
ing2ynab < Transactions.ofx > YNAB.ofx

Extracts payee information out of the memo column: this helps YNAB automatically choose a payee for your transactions, because having everything in the memo column makes every transaction unique, which doesn’t play nice with “Is” renaming rules.

Changes the dates of debit card transactions to the authorised date: the cleared date makes it easier to verify your balance up to a given date, but the authorised date is more consistent with the workflow of entering transactions as you go, then importing and matching.


How to export transactions from Secure Banking

In the Export menu at the top of a single account’s transaction list, choose “OFX (MYOB, MS Money)”. The combined transaction list on your home page won’t have that option.




  • Rust 1.43+ (tested with 1.43.0)


~150K SLoC