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A toy static allocator wich can serve as a global_allocator

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Index Alloc

A simple, toy static Allocator which use a fixed length array to store allocated data.

This crate expose a struct IndexAllocator which implement GlobalAlloc so it can be uses as the global allocator in no_std environment.

Disadvantages :

  • Extremely unsafe
  • Very slow
  • Memory inefficient

Even though it seems unusable, it has plenty of advantages :

  • Just kidding, don't use that

To store allocated memory, IndexAllocator uses a MemoryIndex which stores a list of regions containing the state of the region (size, from which address, used status). For instance :

use index_alloc::IndexAllocator;

static ALLOCATOR: IndexAllocator<2048, 16> = IndexAllocator::empty();

fn main() {
    let test_str = String::from("Hello World");

See more example in the Repository's Examples.

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