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A Rust library for working with Israeli ID numbers (TZ)

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0.1.3 Jan 16, 2023
0.1.2 Jan 16, 2023
0.1.1 Jan 15, 2023
0.1.0 Jan 15, 2023

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A Rust library for working with Israeli ID numbers (TZ is the Hebrew acronym for "ID").

Install (CLI)

Download the binary for your system from the latest release

You can also install it using cargo install:

cargo install il_tz --features cli

Usage (CLI)

> iltz --help
Validate Israeli ID numbers (TZ)

Usage: iltz.exe [TZ]... [COMMAND]

  generate  Generates a list of valid TZ values
  help      Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  [TZ]...  A list of ID numbers (TZ) to validate

  -h, --help  Print help

CLI Examples

> iltz 999999998 999999999
999999998 true
999999999 false

> iltz generate 50 100

As a dependency

To use it in your own Rust projects, run this command:

cargo add il_tz

Alternatively, add this to your Cargo.toml:

il_tz = "0.1.3"

Warning Verify the latest version number on crates.io.

Rust Example

This example shows how to convert an integer to a TZ, how to convert a string to a TZ, and validating them.

use il_tz::{int2tz, str2tz, tz2str, validate};

fn main() {
    // A valid TZ example
    let valid = int2tz(999_999_998).unwrap();
    println!("{} {}", tz2str(&valid), validate(&valid));

    // An invalid TZ example
    let invalid = int2tz(999_999_999).unwrap();
    println!("{} {}", tz2str(&invalid), validate(&invalid));

    // Leading zeros can be used or omitted
    let tz1 = str2tz("000000141").unwrap();
    let tz2 = str2tz("00141").unwrap();
    let tz3 = int2tz(141).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(tz1, tz2);
    assert_eq!(tz1, tz3);

Note This library does not validate the ID number (TZ) against any sort of population database, it only validates it mathematically.

License / Warranty

This library is licensed under the MIT license (which means it's free to use, reuse, repackage etc.) See the LICENSE file for more information. This library is provided as-is, without any warranty. Use at your own risk.


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