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Rust bindings to Apple's frameworks..

This crate is part of the objc2 project, see that for related crates, or see the docs for more details.

Supported versions

These bindings are automatically generated from the SDKs in Xcode 14.2 (will be periodically updated).

Currently supports:

  • macOS: 10.7-13.1
  • iOS/iPadOS: 7.0-16.2 (WIP)
  • tvOS: 9.0-16.1 (WIP)
  • watchOS: 1.0-9.1 (WIP)


use icrate::Foundation::{NSCopying, NSArray};
use icrate::ns_string;

let string = ns_string!("world");
println!("hello {string}");

let array = NSArray::from_slice(&[string.copy()]);

More examples are available in the repository.