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0.1.0 May 5, 2018

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Invertible bloom lookup table implementation in rust.

IBLT uses bincode for serialization/deserialization of key and values, so both key and value type must implement Serialize and Deserialize. If two serialized values have different length, zero padding is added at the end of shorter value for xor operation.

Hash function can be specified by creating IBLT with with_hasher function. Hash value for hash_sum is calculated as hash(val), and index is calculated as hash(hash(val)), hash(hash(hash(val))), .... If hasher is not specified, DefaultHasher from std::collections::hash_map is used.


  /// encoding
  let mut iblt = IBLT::new(10, 3);
  target.insert("378b8bc3".to_string(), "4725a63a".to_string());
  target.insert("3f84ef5a".to_string(), "fbfc32d3".to_string());
  target.insert("8afb596f".to_string(), "40abfd05".to_string());
  target.insert("ec276396".to_string(), "a866db2e".to_string());
  target.insert("e785c851".to_string(), "0603063c".to_string());

  /// decoding
  match iblt.decode() {
    Ok((left, right)) => { ... },
    Err(e) => { ... },


  • Subtraction and set reconciliation
  • Unsafe serialize/deserialize with std


~14K SLoC