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no-std ibc-query

Maintained by ibc-rs, contains essential IBC query types, utility functions and gRPC service implementations for the IBC core

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0.53.0 May 14, 2024
0.51.0 Mar 26, 2024
0.48.2 Dec 22, 2023
0.48.1 Nov 27, 2023

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IBC Query


This crate offers a comprehensive set of utility types, traits, and functions designed for integrating either a gRPC query server or implementing RPC methods in hosts. It specifically facilitates querying the state of the IBC core client, connection, and channel layers of a chain enabled with ibc-rs.


  • Provides essential utility request/response domain types and their conversions to the proto types for efficient integration.
  • Provides convenient query objects with pre-implemented gRPC query services.
  • Offers convenient objects on which query service has been implemented and
  • Includes convenient QueryContext and ProvableContext traits that extend the capabilities of an implemented IBC module, enabling the retrieval of state from the chain.
  • Derives serde and schema for all the domain types enabling easy (de)serialization. This feature is particularly beneficial for JSON RPC implementations.


  • At present, the Protobuf representation of request types does not include support for querying at a specific height. Consequently, the current state of ibc-query allows conversion from protos as a compatible direction but does not support conversion into protos due to the absence of the query_height fields.

  • Currently ibc-query does not support pagination. If pagination is a requirement for your project, please open an issue and provide details about your usage.


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