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provides nicer behavior for workspace switching in i3

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Provides a simple utility for switching workspaces in i3. Inspired somewhat by GNOME 3's workspace switcher. i3switcher is written in Rust

Normally, i3 will not create new workspaces when switching to the prev/next workspaces. Further, workspaces without windows are automatically closed. This forces users to use a short cut like Win+n to switch to workspace n if it does not have a window on it.

This tool switches simply by counting off workspaces. For example, if you currently have these workspaces active (ie, have windows on them):


and you are on workspace 3, then calling i3switcher next will move you to workspace 4, leaving you with these workspaces


calling i3switcher next again will move you to workspace 5, but leave you with

|1|2|3|5| # Notice that i3 removes 4 just like normal


The easiest way to install i3switcher is using cargo.

  1. Follow the instructions on crates.io to install cargo
  2. Once you have cargo installed, you can install i3switcher simply with $ cargo install i3switcher
  3. If cargo was successfully install, you should now have i3switcher in your path.


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