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An ultra simple no hassle static site generator

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Please -This software is being worked upon. Better wait till version 1.0.


Hulk is an ultra simple static site generator designed to appeal to both technical and non technical users.

Hulk converts Markdown (.md) files (from ./data folder) into html files (into ./site folder).

  • You need to have cargo installed. Its installation is very simple on windows as well and linux systems.
  • Secondly it is better if you have Visual Studio Code installed as well. It is not a must but is advised. You can also use any other text editor like Atom, sublime-text etc.


At the moment this application is just available on cargo. To install you have to type into terminal cargo install hulk

cargo install hulk

Getting Started

After Hulk has been installed all you need is to run just 2 commands; first to initialize and second to generate.

hulk init

and then

hulk gen

Thats it... The gen command will convert all the md files located in data folder to html files in site folder. It will also create the necessary css etc.

How it Works

  • It creates a folder named data and a folder called site.
  • The user is suppose to add markdown files with .md extention in data folder.
  • Once the user is done, one simple command hulk gen will generate a static site in site folder and create an index.html for it.
  • The names of the folders are data and site since other names like src, dist etc are mostly taken by other applications.
  • At the moment Hulk just process mark-down files which has .md extention. All other files are copied as such.

Special Features

  • I intend to keep this tool zero configuration thus no matter how advance it gets it will always be usable out of box with zero configuration. Thats why it is very openionated.
  • However in future there will be config files etc to customize Hulk.

Help is Needed

You help, support, guidance and suggestions are expected and desired.

Please do report bugs and suggestions here https://github.com/skillzaa/hulk/issues

Release Notes

Version 0.1.5

A lot has changed internally but on the surface it remains the same. The API is not mature and is likely to change and I expect a lot of errors. So at the moment this project is good for any one to join in and be part of.


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