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HTTP client for the WasmEdge network socket API. Derived from the http_req library.

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0.10.1 Oct 1, 2022
0.10.0 Sep 29, 2022

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Simple and lightweight HTTP client for the low level wasmedge_wasi_socket library. It is to be compiled into WebAssembly bytecode targets and runs in the WasmEdge Runtime as a lightweight and secure alternative to natively compiled apps in Linux container.

This project is forked and derived from the http_req project created by jayjamesjay.


Basic GET request

use http_req::request;

fn main() {
    let mut writer = Vec::new(); //container for body of a response
    let res = request::get("http://eu.httpbin.org/get?msg=WasmEdge", &mut writer).unwrap();

    println!("Status: {} {}", res.status_code(), res.reason());
    println!("Headers {}", res.headers());
    println!("{}", String::from_utf8_lossy(&writer));

How to use:

http_req_wasi  = "0.10"

HTTPS support

The HTTP and HTTPS APIs are the same. But you will need to get the WasmEdge https_req plugin and unzip it into the plugin directory of your WasmEdge install.

See examples here.