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A tiny tool to create Rust projects even faster

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h(acks in)r(u)s(t)

For when you just need to hack together a quick project for testing.
Use --temp to make it entirely throwaway, --hack for small hacky testing projects, or without either flag to add it to your default projects folder.


cargo install hrs

Running it for the first time will create a default "CONFIG_DIR/hrs/hrs.conf" file that looks like this:

projects_dir = "HOME_DIR/projects"
hacks_dir = "HOME_DIR/projects/hacks"

where HOME_DIR is your home directory.


Usage: hrs [OPTIONS] <name>

  <name>  The name of the project

  -t, --temp  Create the project in the OS's temporary directory
  -k, --hack  Create the project in your folder for small test projects
  -h, --help  Print help

Tips for using

This spits out the directory of the project it creates. Get started even quicker with cd $(hrs --temp parser_testing), or a shell script like this:

# rproj
directory=$(hrs $@)
if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then
    cd $directory
    vim $(find src -name "*.rs")

This allows you to call . rproj --temp parser_testing to immediately jump to your project directory and start editing src/main.rs.
Since changing directory is finicky, I am fairly certain that you have to use . rproj instead of rproj, so it might make sense to alias this!


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