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A tool to list up aws resources and print selected resources

2 unstable releases

0.2.1 Aug 10, 2020
0.1.1 Jun 19, 2020

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hrkk lists up aws resources and select some with fuzzy finder, and print its resource id like ec2 instance-id to console.

Use it to input parameter for aws cli, or just to see aws resource status from console.


see aws resources

Without sub command, hrkk shows all available resource types. Select with enter key to see the resources.


to aws cli parameter

use hrkk like this to input aws cli parameter.

# tail cloudwatch logs
aws logs tail --since 100d $(hrkk logs log-group)

# tail -f
aws logs tail --follow $(hrkk -r 10 logs log-group)

# ec2 start session
aws ssm start-session --target $(hrkk ec2 instance)


key bindings

small letters to filter left pane. Shift or Ctrl + letter for commands.

  • a-z: small letters, numeric and symbols to filter list items
  • ESC: clear filter, back to menu or quit this command
  • O: open aws console in a browser for the selected resource
  • G: get all resource detail with get api if the current resource has get api
  • Enter: select resource to print the name and exit
  • TAB: mark resource to select
  • E: create yaml file of marked resources in the current directory
  • A: fetch resources if there still have been resource to fetch
  • R: reload resources
  • Y: toggle viewer mode between yaml and summary
  • BS: delete filtering texts
  • ↑↓: move list(left side)
  • B/F: move list(left side) 1/2 screen
  • K/J: scroll viewer(right side)
  • U/D: scroll viewer(right side) 1/2 screen
  • L: popup log window
  • H: popup help window
  • V: popup viewer window
  • C: quit this command

current available resource types

  • acm: certificate
  • athena: query_execution
  • autoscaling: auto_scaling_group
  • cloudformation: stack
  • cloudfront: distribution
  • cloudwatch: alarm, alarm_history, dashboard, metric
  • ec2: image, instance, launch_template, security_group, subnet, vpc
  • elasticache: cache_cluster
  • elastictranscoder: pipeline
  • elb: load_balancer
  • es: domain
  • firehose: delivery_stream
  • iam: group, mfa_device, policy, role, user,
  • kinesis: stream
  • lambda: function
  • logs: log_group, log_stream
  • rds: db_instance
  • route53: hosted_zone, resource_record_set
  • s3: bucket
  • ssm: automation_execution, document, session


With rusoto_credential, hrkk use aws cli profile and credentials.


Using homebrew

With this command, download binary for mac/linux.

brew install K2Da/tap/hrkk

Using cargo

cargo install hrkk


~468K SLoC