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0.2.7 Nov 14, 2020
0.2.6 Aug 9, 2020
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0.2.5 May 24, 2020

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A Tokio un-aware, HTTP/2.0 client & server implementation for Rust.

License: MIT

This is the h2 crate with some modification to remove dependencies on tokio. This roughly means:

  • tokio's AsyncWrite and AsyncRead are replaced with the standard variants from the futures crate. The potential optimizations tokio aims for are lost.
  • Copy tokio's codec into the source tree.

The modifications are made in step-by-step commits to try and clearly illustrate how to redo the changes as the original crate updates.

Publishing this crate is by no means an attempt to take credit for or criticise the excellent work done by people behind h2/hyperium/tokio.


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