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app hime_compiler

CLI tool for the generation of LR and GLR parsers for the Hime runtime

3 stable releases

4.2.0 Oct 26, 2022
4.1.0 Jun 7, 2022
4.0.0 Jun 4, 2022

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The command-line tool to generate LR and GLR parsers for .Net, Java and Rust. For more information about how to generate parsers using Hime, head to Hime. The code for this library is available on GitHub. This software is developed by the Assocation Cénotélie, France.


himecc --help
himecc -t:rust test.gram

How can I contribute?

The simplest way to contribute is to:

  • Fork this repository on GitHub.
  • Fix some issue or implement a new feature.
  • Create a merge request on GitHub.

Patches can also be submitted by email, or through the issue management system.

The isse tracker contains tickets that are accessible to newcomers. Look for tickets with [beginner] in the title. These tickets are good ways to become more familiar with the project and the codebase.


This software is licenced under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3. Refers to the LICENSE.txt file at the root of the repository for the full text, or to the online version.


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