Cargo Features

hickory-server has no features set by default.

hickory-server = { version = "0.24.0", features = ["backtrace", "dnssec-openssl", "dnssec-ring", "dnssec", "recursor", "resolver", "sqlite", "toml", "dns-over-https-rustls", "dns-over-https", "dns-over-openssl", "dns-over-rustls", "dns-over-tls", "dns-over-quic", "dns-over-h3", "tls-openssl", "tls", "testing"] }

Enables backtrace of hickory-proto

dnssec-openssl dns-over-openssl? = dnssec, openssl

Enables dnssec-openssl of hickory-proto and hickory-resolver

dnssec-ring dns-over-rustls? = dnssec

Enables dnssec-ring of hickory-proto and hickory-resolver

dnssec dnssec-openssl? dnssec-ring?

Affects authority::DnssecAuthority

recursor = hickory-recursor

Recursive Resolution is Experimental!

resolver = hickory-resolver
sqlite = rusqlite

Affects store::sqlite


Enables basic-toml

dns-over-https-rustls = dns-over-https, dns-over-rustls, tokio-rustls

Enables dns-over-https-rustls of hickory-proto and hickory-resolver


This requires some TLS library, currently only rustls is supported

dns-over-https dns-over-https-rustls? = h2, http

Enables dns-over-https of hickory-proto

dns-over-openssl tls? tls-openssl? = dns-over-tls, dnssec-openssl, tokio-openssl

TODO: migrate all tls and tls-openssl features to dns-over-tls, et al

Enables dns-over-openssl of hickory-proto and hickory-resolver

Affects dnssec::load_cert

dns-over-rustls dns-over-h3? dns-over-https-rustls? dns-over-quic? = dns-over-tls, dnssec-ring, rustls, tokio-rustls

Enables dns-over-rustls of hickory-proto and hickory-resolver

Affects dnssec::load_cert

dns-over-tls dns-over-openssl? dns-over-rustls?
dns-over-quic = dns-over-rustls

Enables dns-over-quic of hickory-proto and hickory-resolver

dns-over-h3 = dns-over-rustls, h3, h3-quinn

Enables dns-over-h3 of hickory-proto and hickory-resolver

tls-openssl = dns-over-openssl

This is a deprecated feature...

tls = dns-over-openssl

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

h2 dns-over-https?

Enables h2 ^0.3.0

h3 dns-over-h3?

Enables h3 ^0.0.2

h3-quinn dns-over-h3?

Enables h3-quinn ^0.0.3

http dns-over-https?

Enables http ^0.2

openssl dnssec-openssl?
rusqlite sqlite?

Enables rusqlite ^0.29.0

rustls dns-over-rustls?

Enables rustls ^0.21.6

tokio-openssl dns-over-openssl?
tokio-rustls dns-over-https-rustls? dns-over-rustls?

Enables tokio-rustls ^0.24.0

hickory-recursor recursor?
hickory-resolver dns-over-h3? dns-over-https-rustls? dns-over-openssl? dns-over-quic? dns-over-rustls? dnssec-openssl? dnssec-ring? resolver?