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Bounded capacity channel designed to be used as inbox for actors. Also supports one shot channels.

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Bounded capacity channel.

The channel is a multi-producer, single-consumer (MPSC) bounded queue. It is designed to be used as inbox for actors, following the actor model.


Simple creation of a channel and sending a message over it.

use std::thread;

use heph_inbox::RecvError;

// Create a new small channel.
let (mut sender, mut receiver) = heph_inbox::new_small();

let sender_handle = thread::spawn(move || {
    if let Err(err) = sender.try_send("Hello world!".to_owned()) {
        panic!("Failed to send value: {}", err);

let receiver_handle = thread::spawn(move || {
    // NOTE: this is just an example don't actually use a loop like this, it
    // will waste CPU cycles when the channel is empty!
    loop {
        match receiver.try_recv() {
            Ok(value) => println!("Got a value: {}", value),
            Err(RecvError::Empty) => continue,
            Err(RecvError::Disconnected) => break,



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