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heca-lib is a blazingly fast Hebrew calender library. It's the backend behind the heca program.


  1. Add to Cargo.toml:
    heca-lib = "1.3"
  1. Import the types:
use heca_lib::prelude::*;
use heca_lib::*;



This library can convert from Hebrew to Gregorian dates and back. You can get a HebrewDate either from a known Hebrew date or from a Gregorian date:

extern crate heca_lib;

use chrono::Utc;
use chrono::offset::TimeZone;
use heca_lib::prelude::*;
use heca_lib::HebrewDate;


You can then get back a Gregorian date from this Hebrew Date.

extern crate heca_lib;

use chrono::Utc;
use chrono::offset::TimeZone;
use heca_lib::{HebrewDate};
use heca_lib::prelude::*;

assert_eq!(HebrewDate::from_ymd(5779,HebrewMonth::Tishrei,10).unwrap().to_gregorian(),Utc.ymd(2018, 9,18).and_hms(18,00,00));

Get Information on the Hebrew Year

This library can also list the major Jewish holidays and Torah readings in a given year (for both Israel and the Diaspora):

extern crate heca_lib;

use heca_lib::{HebrewYear,HebrewDate};
use heca_lib::prelude::*;

assert_eq!(HebrewYear::new(5779).unwrap().get_holidays(Location::Chul, &[TorahReadingType::Shabbos])[0].name(), TorahReading::Shabbos(Parsha::Vayelach));
assert_eq!(HebrewYear::new(5779).unwrap().get_holidays(Location::Chul, &[TorahReadingType::SpecialParsha]).iter().find(|x| x.name() == TorahReading::SpecialParsha(SpecialParsha::Zachor)).unwrap().day(),HebrewDate::from_ymd(5779,HebrewMonth::Adar2,9).unwrap());


  1. This library won't work for years before 3764 (4).
  2. I tested this library against hebcal for all Rosh Hashanas between 3764 and 9999 (4-6239). I also checked it for all Rosh Chodesh Adars in those years. However, I take no resposibility if you accidently keep Yom Tov on the wrong day!

Current version: 1.3.1

License: MIT


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