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Rust library to work with the Harmony chat protocol

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0.8.0 Jan 9, 2022
0.7.0 Nov 29, 2021
0.6.1 Jul 9, 2021
0.5.1 Mar 9, 2021
0.1.0 Dec 21, 2020

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Rust implementation of the Harmony chat protocol. Currently implements a lightweight client and a client API (powered by hrpc), along with auto generated API via hrpc-build.


  • Latest stable Rust and Cargo.
  • If you are using Nix, nix-shell (or nix develop if you use flakes) should get you covered.
  • Otherwise, you'll need to get protobuf and make sure protoc is in your PATH env variable.
    • If for some reason build.rs fails, make sure to set:
      • PROTOC env variable to your protoc executable
      • and PROTOC_INCLUDE env variable to wherever protobuf include files are located, most likely in /usr/share/include.


  • echo_bot: Showcases a simple message echo bot that operates in a guild. It will repost messages whenever someone else posts a message.
  • message_log: Showcases a simple message log bot that operates in a guild. It will log messages to the console whenever someone posts a message.
  • cmd_bot: A more complex bot that responds to "commands". The commands are:
    • r!ping: responds with "Pong! Took X secs."
    • r!hello: responds with "Hello, username!"
    • r!uptime: responds with "Been running for X secs."
  • Bot run instructions:
    • Run bots with GUILD_INVITE=invite cargo run --example example_name.
    • Make sure the bot has necessary permissions to view channels / send messages etc.

Crate features

  • By default, only a bare-bones common API of all services is generated. You can customize the crate to your needs by enabling feature(s) listed below:
    • Enable the client_native feature for a lightweight client implementation that uses hyper and works on native platforms.
    • Enable the client_web feature for a lightweight client implementation that works on web platforms (WASM).
    • Enable the client_backoff feature to enable request retrying on ratelimited requests.
    • Enable the gen_client feature to generate client service code.
    • Enable the gen_server feature to generate server service code.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_chat feature to generate chat service code.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_auth feature to generate auth service code.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_voice feature to generate voice service code.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_mediaproxy feature to generate media proxy service code.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_harmonytypes feature to generate common Harmony types.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_sync feature to generate sync service code.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_emote feature to generate emote service code.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_profile feature to generate profile service code.
    • (Default) Enable the gen_batch feature to generate batch service code.


Minimum Supported Rust Version: current stable.

Changing MSRV is not considered a semver-breaking change.


~255K SLoC