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This harmonizer offers the ability to invoke a bundled version of the JavaScript library, @apollo/composition, which composes multiple subgraphs into a supergraph.

The bundled version of the federation library that is included is a JavaScript Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE) that is created by running the esbuild bundler on the @apollo/composition package.

When the harmonize function that this crate provides is called with a Vec<SubgraphDefinition> (which is synonymous with the terminology and service list notion that exists within the JavaScript composition library), this crate uses deno_core to invoke the JavaScript within V8. This is ultimately accomplished using rusty_v8's V8 bindings to V8.

While we intend for a future version of composition to be done natively within Rust, this allows us to provide a more stable transition using an already stable composition implementation while we work toward something else.


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