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HACL Rust bindings

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This is the hacl crate that provides Rust bindings for the HACL C package. The FFI bindings are in the hacl-sys crates.

Please see the top level readme for more information about the underlying code.

Platform Supported
MacOS Arm64
Linux x64
Linux x86
Windows x64
Windows x86
Arm64 Linux
Arm32 Linux


By default the hacl crate includes the random feature that allows generating random values (keys, nonces, etc.). But this is not verified code and uses the rand crate. It can be disabled with --no-default-features. Please bring your own randomness if you want to be safe.


See above for a list of supported platforms.


cargo build


To run benchmarks use cargo bench.


All primitives are tested against the Wycheproof test vectors. They can be run with cargo test. This will also run automatically generated binding tests from bindgen.