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Frozen{Map,Set} for H3 cells, based on finite state transducers

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h3o-ice — Frozen (aka read-only) sets and maps for H3 cell index

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Those data structures are built on top of finite state transducers, which allows them to be extremely compact while offering fast lookup.

This is especially for read-only indexes (both in-memory or on-disk).



  • Install the rust toolchain in order to have cargo installed by following this guide.
  • run cargo install h3o-ice


use h3o::{LatLng, Resolution};
use h3o_ice::FrozenSet;

let coord = LatLng::new(48.872280706 2.332697839).expect("valid coord");
let set = FrozenSet::try_from_iter(
.expect("failed to create set");

set.contains(CellIndex::try_from(0x8a1fb4666417fff).expect("valid cell"));

Comparison with other data structures

Frozen{Set,Map} BTree{Set,Map} Hash{Set,Map}
Memory overhead ✅ (negative [^1]) ❌ (50%[^2]) ❌ (12-125%[^2])
Search complexity O(key size) O(log #items) O(1)
Range query
Prefix lookup
Direct lookup 163 ns 55 ns 19 ns
Compacted lookup 67 ns 401 ns 125 ns

About the lookup time:

  • input dataset is France coverage at resolution 10:
    • raw dataset: 44 250 550 cells (333.60M).
    • compacted (i.e. replacing clusters of cells their ancestors): 127 264 cells (0.97M)
  • Lookup of a resolution 10 cell:
    • single lookup in the raw dataset.
    • prefix lookup (or repetitive lookup if not supported) in the compacted dataset.

You can run the provided benchmarks to get measures relevant to your machine.

To sum up:

  • if you can afford the memory usage and don't care about ordering (e.g. range query) go with a HashSet for maximum speed.
  • if you need ordering but don't need to work on compacted set, go with a BTreeSet.
  • if you have a large read-only dataset, wants to optimize memory usage and be able to query compacted data directly then FrozenSet is your friend.

Frozen{Map,Set} are not general purpose data structures. They come with a bunch of extra constraints (read-only, must be build from pre-sorted input, ...) but they really shine in their niche and provides a bunch a goodies (e.g. key compressions, can be mmap'd, prefix lookup, ...).


BSD 3-Clause

[^1]: Frozen{Set,Map} compresses both common prefixes and suffixes of keys, resulting in a smaller size than the input data set (e.g. the 333MB test dataset fits into a 176KB FrozenSet) [^2]: Measuring the overhead of HashMaps in Rust


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