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Easily add a developer GUI to any graphical application

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guiedit is a Rust library for easily adding a developer GUI to any graphical application.

Sokoban with guiedit screenshot

Current State

The crate is in a really experimental state right now. Although it is usable, things may change at any point. The tree node and inspector are already implemented, but the only backend supported is SFML. If you use SFML, feel free to include this crate, but expect to see many breaking changes down the line.

Any issue reports & PRs are greatly appreciated!


The goal of this crate is to be able to change a few lines of code in an existing or new codebase and instantly get an editor viewport, an object inspector, graphical gizmos, and even state loading/saving & hot code reloading. You can read further details on the "Progress" section below.


TODO; Check examples for now


Symbol Meaning
Done; implemented
☑️ Partial implementation
🚧 Work-in-progress
Planned; Queued

Editor & Common Features

Feature Status
Inspector with support for Inspectable objects
#[derive(Inspectable)] for structs
#[derive(Inspectable)] for enums
Object tree with support for TreeNode objects
#[derive(TreeNode)] for structs
#[derive(TreeNode)] for enums
Inspectable impl for std & core types ☑️🚧
TreeNode impl for std & core types ☑️🚧
Hot code reloading
Graphical gizmo support

sfml Integration

Feature Status
Forwarding all user rendering to offscreen texture
Capturing events from the editor and relaying them to user-side ☑️
Object inspection via UI
Window resizing
Inspectable impl for SFML types ☑️🚧
Graphical gizmos for Drawables


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