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Provides bindings for the main functionalities of the GStreamer Daemon

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Gst Client

gst-client v0.2.1 (changelog)

The GStreamer Daemon Rust Client or gst-client is a Rust package that provides bindings for the main functionalities of the [GStreamer Daemon]. It uses an HTTP to communicate with the daemon.

GStD or GStreamer Daemon by itself is a process that runs independently and exposes a public interface for other processes to communicate with and control the [GStreamer Daemon].

It really simplifies the way of communication with GStreamer and debugging process.

The gst-client simplify communication with GStD based on GStreamer Daemon - HTTP API spec.


Start GStD with HTTP API enabled

For allow GStD use HTTP API need to run it with parameters:

gstd --enable-http-protocol --http-address= --http-port=5000

Connect from gst-client

use gst_client::GstClient;

let client = GstClient::build("")?;
let new_pipeline = client.pipeline("new-pipeline").create("playbin")?;

Full API Reference is availeble here.


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